Gabriel Abella
Senior Advisor
(Tampa, USA)

Gabe’s personal purpose is to make the world of work a respectful and rewarding place for everyone. This purpose serves as motivation for integrating a diverse array of coaching capabilities that enables Gabe to engage every level of an organization and build connections with both internal and external stakeholders.  

Gabe's approach to coaching is influenced by Socio-Technical Systems Design with a focus on the joint optimization of the social systems and the work systems of organizations.  As a faculty member for The Six Conditions for Team Effectiveness, Gabe brings expertise in the most rigorously validated evidence-based guidance on how to best support the development and high functioning of teams of all types and the leaders that commission them. As an Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coaching Professional Gabe has a depth of experience improving the agility and performance of complex systems of work at enterprise scale that honors the contributions of all participants of the system and the needs of current and future stakeholders.

Gabe has a passion for learning and being curious about the world which he happily indulges alongside his partner Dr. Anna Abella and their two daughters Evelyn and Eleanora.