Prashant Goel
(United States)

Prashant’s background includes advisory, coaching, facilitation, training and Senior Leadership Team Development at humanitarian and development organizations.  It also includes leadership and board directorship positions at cutting edge trauma healing, social change, and reform-leading organizations. Earlier stages of professional expression included Fortune 500 C-Level Strategy Consulting.

Prashant has worked through KITE with UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, IOM, the UNJSPF, UNFPA, FAO, and Human Rights Watch. In his work with leaders and leadership teams from IOs, NGOs, corporations, startups, and social enterprises, he has developed a strong reputation for moving fluidly amidst the: personal to organizational; deep inner work to concrete realities of day-to-day execution; and existential to practical. 

His work blends living systems science, contemplative practice, global wisdom traditions, trauma healing, and culture shift. Drawing on a deep research and practice base, the work he does is multi-modal, grows how groups think/talk/feel/sense/act together, and supports the co-creation of more aware, coherent, effective, and regenerative systems. 

He has advanced degrees in Law, Business (valedictorian), and Regenerative Economics, in addition to extensive professional training. He is formally initiated in three Wisdom Lineages (Amazon, Himalayas, W. Africa) and has dove deep in many others.

Life experience includes: travel to ~60 countries (having lived in five countries across four continents); miraculously surviving a potentially lethal, high-speed car accident without a scratch; and running a marathon and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, to fundraise for cancer research. He is also known for liking a good zero-sugar, vegan sweet treat at the end of lunch, dinner, or breakfast.