Prashant Goel

Prashant is a leadership development specialist, drawing on scientific research and ancient wisdom traditions to advance renewed practices of execution, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Having intensively and extensively studied and practiced with world-renowned teachers and facilitators, he brings over a decade of experience in transformational approaches to leadership development and systems/culture change.

In his work with leaders and leadership teams from NGOs, corporations, startups, and social enterprises, he has developed a strong reputation for moving fluidly amidst the: personal to organizational; deep inner work to concrete realities of day-to-day execution; and existential to practical; while sharing myriad perspectives in human development, leadership, organizational strategy and culture. He combines a vast body of knowledge with calm presence and penetrating insight to support enduring, tangible transformation at individual, team, and organizational levels.

Prashant founded Imaginally in 2012. He holds a JD/MBA, having graduated valedictorian, and a Masters in Economics for Transition. His life experience includes: travel to 55+ countries (having lived in six countries across four continents); formal initiation in three wisdom lineages from Amazon to Himalayas to Western Africa; miraculously surviving a potentially lethal car accident; and running a marathon and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, to fundraise for cancer research.