Elevating Team Leadership

We help leadership teams re-imagine and redesign themselves to respond to the complex collaborative challenges they face.


KITE was created to elevate the practice of team leadership within the international development and humanitarian fields to advance peace, equity, and sustainable change in the world.


KITE’s strength is in helping to create the essential conditions for teams to function effectively and humanely. Our approach focuses on developing your team’s core team leadership capabilities.

Drawing on decades of study and experience, our practitioners lead your team through a rigorous, research-based process customized for your unique needs and priorities.

Our process emphasizes continuous action-learning and structural change that can be shared with future team members as the team continues to evolve over time.

PHase 1

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of the four key capabilities within your team. We use this understanding to build a detailed action plan tailored to your team’s strengths and growth areas.

Phase 2

During the team LAUNCH phase, we help your team develop its capacity for effective team leadership. We walk through your team’s four core capabilities as defined above: enhancing your team’s attention, clarifying its design, strengthening its cohesion and sharpening its execution.

Through an action-learning process rooted in your actual work, your team will examine, re-imagine and redesign its collaboration.

Phase 3

Here we consolidate new learning and reinforce new patterns of team behavior. The FLOW phase supports the team in action, strengthening the leadership within the team as a whole.

This phase is a powerful investment in solidifying and sustaining the gains the team has made in our first two phases together.

Additional Support

Leadership Coaching

KITE practitioners are skilled coaches that can offer individual, peer and group coaching to leaders, in multiple languages and across time zones.

Learning Design

KITE practitioners have deep experience in the design and delivery of learning programs.

Our Values


We hold diversity as a vital means for the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and the establishment of justice and equity.


We believe in the power of collaborative action, of mutual support, and collective wisdom.


We hold clarity, openness and honesty as the foundation for all generative relationships and effective collaboration.

Participatory Change

We believe that people support what they create and champion the honoring of all voices.


We are committed to work that we believe to be timely, responsive to our clients' actual needs, impactful, and courageous.


Teams that invest in all three phases of our process report a clearer sense of collective purpose, greater alignment and efficiency, stronger project outcomes, more supportive relationships, and improved well-being among team members.


I would like to take the opportunity to warmly thank you again for your skillful and impactful coaching, now the key is for us to keep the momentum going and to bring about the needed changes!

country representative | south asia

Nina's approach was extremely effective—soft and subtle, from behind rather than imposing. But she was leading us into what felt like the unknown, expertly. It wasn't a standardised approach—it felt tailored to our needs and brought out the best in all of us.


I'm very pleased with the team building events of last week, especially your strong professional skills, appropriate packages and successful steering. You've renewed us into a greater team of positive energy as both management and overall division. Please remain in touch with us as our team coach and cherished member of our team.

division director | unicef

Linh was extremely good at reading how different colleagues felt and making them feel safe to express their hopes, aspirations, and concerns. She also adapted to the changing dynamics within the team and pushed colleagues out of their comfort zones, without making them feel too uncomfortable.


I wanted an exceptional team coach to help make my team exceptional...through the process, the team was elevated to a whole new level of cooperation, competency and commitment.

Director | Multilateral Global Fund

You found us as a group that enjoyed working with each other, treated each other generally well, and had a variety of strengths and helped build us into a truly bonded team with a sense of mission, direction, optimism, and deep care for each other.


...we’ve gone a long way to building our bond as a team, learning to develop a shared vision and goal, and improving on clear communication and honest asks with one another.

Senior Leader, The Nature Conservancy

We gained traction from the first connection session.... and they did appreciate the methodology and approach, taking us through a series of activities that led us to a better grounding of who we are as a team, getting to know each other better and also understanding our compelling purpose and why we are commissioned as a team.

Chief of Section, United Nations
Our Team

Our team consists of a diverse cadre of highly skilled and experienced practitioners with deep contextual knowledge of the inner life of international organizations.

We are strongly committed to gender and racial equity and inclusion. Like the majority of our clients, we’re intentionally multicultural, multilingual, geographically diverse and with a distinctly global perspective.

Nina Segal
(United States)
Maria Hutchinson
Senior Consultant
Linh Tran
Senior Consultant
(United States)
Stephanie Ngo
Senior Consultant
(Sri Lanka)
Eva Fernandéz
Senior Consultant
(The United Kingdom and Spain)
Nadine Chetty
Bjørn Nissen
Elena Sancho
(France and Spain)
Ruqaya Ibrahim
(UAE and United States)
Sandee Pyne
Salma Zarroug
(UAE and the United Kingdom)
Kia Afcari
(United States)
Helen Krug von Nidda
(United Kingdom and United States)
Prashant Goel
(United States)
Eric J. Henderson
Media Consultant
(United States)
Client list

End Violence Against Children (EVAC)
InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB)
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Global Fund for Women (GFW)
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)
Human Rights Watch (HRW)
InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
United Nations Fund For Population Activities (UNFPA)
United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF)
UN Office at Geneva (UNOG)
United Nations System Staff College (UNSCC)
The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
World Food Programme (WFP)