Ruqaya Ibrahim
(UAE and United States)

Ruqaya is a Certified Leadership Coach currently based between the United States and Dubai that enjoys working with individuals and teams who are longing to get unstuck and create extraordinary results. 

She brings a global perspective, including four years of experience in her prior work as an architect in the Middle East, before she transitioned her career to Social-Organizational Psychology. Ruqaya has private corporate clients and also works in the nonprofit sector, where she is currently a facilitator and peer coach for the World Food Programme through KITE, with a focus on national officer development.

As a certified coach and an Organizational Psychologist, she has a deep understanding of many challenges in organizational settings. Ruqaya loves shifting paradigms, showing people what’s possible for them when they choose to let go of their limiting beliefs and step into their vision with confidence. 

Ruqaya holds a Masters Degree in Social-Organizational Psychology from the Teacher’s College of Columbia University in New York. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and in the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)’s Six Conditions Framework for Team Effectiveness. She speaks Arabic, English and basic with elementary proficiency in French.